Swimming Pool Cleaning in Kendall

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B&P Pool Services offers an extensive range of pool cleaning services such as brushing pool walls, filter and pump cleaning and pool surface skimming. We are happy to offer regular cleaning packages, as well as one-offs for special events. Call now for details.

Getting Rid of Stains

When you need to get rid of stubborn stains on the sides of your swimming pool, the experts at B&P Pool Services won’t make you feel guilty for neglecting your beloved facilities. Instead, we get straight to the point and tend to recommend an acid wash.

As the name implies, this treatment involves emptying your pool of water, removing all debris and using an acid substance (in most cases Muriatic Acid, or ‘no-fume’ acid) to remove or at least heavily fade stubborn pool finish stains as a more cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire pool finish. If stains are few and grouped together, we can sometimes forgo the emptying of the pool and use special tools to apply the acid remotely.

While you may be tempted to buy some acid from your local hardware store and do the job yourself, please avoid this. Muriatic Acid is highly caustic and should be handled by trained professionals like we have at B& P. Call now to book a service.

We’re your local stain busters!

Swimming Pool Cleaning Kendall
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Algae Removal

Imagine returning home from holiday, and seeing your lovely pool covered in sludge. This is often referred to as a green pool (although the color can actually range from yellow to green and even black) and is caused by algae growth on the water surface.

Dealing with a green pool involves first identifying the type of algae and how bad the growth is. Less severe cases of a green pool can be remedied by algaecide, but serious cases will require an additional chlorine shock treatment to eliminate and prevent regrowth.

No matter the severity of the situation, you can count on the experts at B&P Pool Services to find the perfect solution to the problem. We can also advise on preventive treatments that can save you from a green pool situation in the future. Call now to learn more.

Say goodbye to sludge

Swimming Pool Cleaning Miami

Say hello to your sparkling pool once again.

With our comprehensive solutions, we can help keep your swimming pool operating at its peak for years to come. Call now for a free quote.

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