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Maintain the quality and safety of your outdoor swimming pool with B&P Pool Services’ extensive pool specialists’ services. With maintenance and repair packages tailored to your pool, you can relax and enjoy the Florida weather while we handle the rest. Call now!

Pool Start-Up and Balance

If you’ve just had your pool installed, renovated, or have simply just filled it with fresh water, you will need a special treatment called a pool start-up. This process involves adding higher quantities of pool chemicals than usual to ensure there is enough chlorine for sanitizing properties, but also that the water is balanced enough to protect the delicate filter and pump mechanisms from chemical corrosion. Perfectly balanced pool water also provides an improved swimming experience.

When it comes to pool start-ups or routine pH checks as part of your ongoing pool maintenance package, you can expect the absolute best from B&P Pool Services! Our team is comprised of CPO certified pool operators with many years of experience. Call now for more!

Balance for a better swimming experience

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Caring for Your Filters

In addition to our more general pool cleaning and repair services, B&P Pool Services also ensure your pump and filters are in optimal condition. It is important that you schedule regular backwashes of your DE or sand pool filter, as well as a more in-depth filter cleans two or three times a year, to guarantee the effectiveness and performance of your pool filter.

Our team understands filter cleaning can be a time-consuming and messy process, so let us handle the stress on your behalf. Our filter cleaning package includes:

  • Complete dismantling of the system
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of the components (DE grid/cartridge or old sand replacement)
  • Inspecting and lubricating O-ring before reassembling

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Making sure your filters are in tip top shape

Pool Specialist Miami

We’re Kendall’s most trusted pool specialists for a reason.

With our comprehensive solutions, we can help keep your swimming pool operating at its peak for years to come. Call now for a free quote.

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