Acid wash

Acid Wash a Pool

How to prepare your pool for the summer. This procedure is done when the bottom of the pool is not visible, as algae can proliferate if winterizing was done improperly or if the pool has stalled. Resulting in chemical cleaning is not as effective and generally costs more than the price of acid washing the pool. Also, it will take much longer to try to clean it.

The algae that grow in the pool create stains on the plastered walls such as: mineral, chlorine or dirt stains, so an acid wash is recommended. Eliminating these stains will update the appearance of the pool, making it cleaner and brighter in appearance.

Acid washing removes a thin layer of plaster. Most layers of plaster exceed a 1/2 inch measurement. Removing a little is not harmful to the walls of the pool, if done carefully. We recommend that it should not be done annually, or it will be necessary to re-plaster sooner. However, you can do an acid wash several times before re-plastering, when done correctly.

Acid Wash